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Effects of heat and moisture on characteristics, tensile   properties of RFL-coated rayon cords, and their adhesion with NR/SBR matrix 李卓 JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 1.86
A pair of conjoined donor-acceptor butterflies as promising   solution-processable aggregation-enhanced emission FR/NIR EL emitters 薛善锋 JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 5.256
Reinforced polystyrene via solvent-exfoliated graphene 赵健 POLYMER   INTERNATIONAL 2.07
Tuning the optoelectronic properties of phenothiazine-based   D-A-type emitters through changing acceptor pattern 薛善锋 DYES   AND PIGMENTS 3.473
Effect of vinyl and phenyl group content on the physical and   dynamic mechanical properties of HVBR and SSBR 华静 Journal   of Applied Polymer Science 1.86
Modification of SSBR/BR with Trans-1,4-Polyisoprene Alloy Rubber   for High Performance Passenger Car Radical Tire Tread Stock 贺爱华 CHEMICAL   JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE 0.677
Highly Efficient Nondoped Near-Ultraviolet Electroluminescence   with an External Quantum Efficiency Greater Than 6.5% Based on a   Carbazole-Triazole Hybrid Molecule with High and Balanced Charge Mobility 薛善锋 ADVANCED   OPTICAL MATERIALS 6.875
Impact of Linear Alkyl Length on the Assembly of Twisted   Perylene Bisimides: From Molecular Arrangement to Nanostructures 郭宗侠 CHEMISTRY-AN   ASIAN JOURNAL 4.083
Investigation of the properties of polynorbornene rubber/EPDM   blends 史新妍 JOURNAL   OF ELASTOMERS AND PLASTICS 0.787
Retardation of cold flow in immiscible rubber blends by   tailoring their microstructures 聂华荣 POLYMER   INTERNATIONAL 2.07
Synthesis of eccentric core-shell particles by surfactant-free   emulsion polymerization with enzymatically hydrolyzed starch as the   stabilizer 成世杰 COLLOID   AND POLYMER SCIENCE 1.723
Selective Ring-Opening Polymerization of Non-Strained   gamma-Butyrolactone Catalyzed by A Cyclic Trimeric Phosphazene Base 刘绍峰 ANGEWANDTE   CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 11.994
Microcellular chlorinated polyethylene (CM) rubber foam by using   N-2 as blowing agent 张振秀 JOURNAL   OF POLYMER RESEARCH 1.615
Dual thermal- and pH-responsive polypeptide-based hydrogels 魏玉函 CHINESE   JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE 1.692
Enhanced Toughness and Thermal Stability of Cellulose   Nanocrystal Iridescent Films by Alkali Treatment 陈玉伟 ACS   SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING 5.951
Fabrication of a thin-layer PTFE coating exhibiting   superhydrophobicity by supercritical CO2 张振秀 PROGRESS   IN ORGANIC COATINGS 2.858
Facile fabrication of thermoplastic ternary copolymerized   polyamide and maleated polyethylene shape memory blends 夏琳 POLYMER   TESTING 2.464
Multiple shape memory effects of trans-1,4-polyisoprene and   low-density polyethylene blends 夏琳 POLYMER   INTERNATIONAL 2.07
Two-Dimensional Supramolecular Assemblies from pH-Responsive   Poly(ethyl glycol)-b-poly(L-glutamic acid)-b-poly(N-octylglycine) Triblock   Copolymer 魏玉函 BIOMACROMOLECULES 5.246
AIE-active 9,10-bis(alkylarylvinyl)anthracences with pendent   diethoxylphosphorylmethyl groups as solution-processable efficient EL   luminophores 薛善锋 JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 5.256
Two-Dimensional BDT-Based Wide Band Gap Polymer Donor for   Efficient Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cells 李枫 JOURNAL   OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 4.536
Conformational Heterogeneity and FRET Data Interpretation for   Dimensions of Unfolded Proteins 宋建晖 BIOPHYSICAL   JOURNAL 3.656
Preparation of microencapsulated aluminum hypophosphite and   flame retardancy and mechanical properties of flame-retardant ABS composites 吴宁晶 JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 1.86
Facile fabrication of a superhydrophobic surface from natural   Eucommia rubber 夏琳 POLYMERS   FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES 1.907
Morphology Evolution of   Polystyrene-core/Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-shell Microgel Synthesized by   One-pot Polymerization 胡海青 CHINESE   JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE 1.692
Synthesis and self-healing property of polyurethane modified   with three-furyl diol 魏燕彦 POLYMER   BULLETIN 1.43
High-yield preparation of a zwitterionically charged chitin   nanofiber and its application in a doubly pH-responsive Pickering emulsion 丁贝贝 GREEN   CHEMISTRY 9.125
Binary molybdenum-based catalyst for coordination polymerization   of styrene 耿洁婷 JOURNAL   OF ELASTOMERS AND PLASTICS 0.787
The chemical modification and characterization of polypropylene   membrane with environment response by in-situ chlorinating graft   copolymerization 冯莺 APPLIED   SURFACE SCIENCE 3.387
The fabrication of microcrystalline cellulose-nanoZnO hybrid   composites and their application in rubber compounds 孙举涛 CARBOHYDRATE   POLYMERS 4.811
Efficient colorimetric fluoride anion chemosensors based-on   simple naphthodipyrrolidone dyes 杨文君 TETRAHEDRON   LETTERS 2.193
Study on damping properties of HVBR/EVM blends prepared by in   situ polymerization 华静 POLYMER   TESTING 2.464
Unusual mechanohypsochromic luminescence and unique   bidirectional thermofluorochromism of long-alkylated simple DPP dyes 薛善锋 JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 5.256
Biomimetic polypeptides with reversible pH-dependent thermal   responsive property 孙静 POLYMER 3.684
Morphology evolution in solution polymerized styrene-butadiene   rubber (SSBR)/trans-1,4-polyisoprene (TPI) blends: SSBR particle formation,   TPI crystal nucleation, growth and polymorphic form 聂华荣 POLYMER 3.684
Two-Dimensional Crystallization of Rylene Diimide Based n-Type   Semiconductors Tuned by the Dimensions of the Aromatic Core at the   Liquid-Solid Interface 郭宗侠 CHEMISTRY-AN   ASIAN JOURNAL 4.083
Lyotropic liquid crystal behavior of carboxylated cellulose   nanocrystals 朴光哲 CARBOHYDRATE   POLYMERS 4.811
Insights into the Silanization Processes of Silica with and   without Acid-Base Additives via TG-FTIR and Kinetic Simulation 刘吉文 INDUSTRIAL   & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 2.843
Well-Designed Unsymmetrical Salphen-Al Complexes: Synthesis,   Characterization, and Ring-Opening Polymerization Catalysis 刘绍峰 ORGANOMETALLICS 3.862
Facile fabrication of shape memory composites from natural   Eucommia rubber and high density polyethylene 夏琳 POLYMER   INTERNATIONAL 2.07
The preparation of microcrystalline cellulose-nanoSiO(2) hybrid   materials and their application in tire tread compounds 孙举涛 JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 1.86
pH-Responsive Peptide Supramolecular Hydrogels with   Antibacterial Activity 李志波 LANGMUIR 3.833
Heat Resistant Fluorenone-based Polyimines as Novel   Light-emitting Polymers 林润雄 JOURNAL   OF WUHAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY-MATERIALS SCIENCE EDITION 0.447
Influence of ozone treatment on microstructure and mechanical   properties of pitch-based short carbon fiber-reinforced natural rubber 程俊梅 JOURNAL   OF ELASTOMERS AND PLASTICS 0.787
Mechanical properties and phase morphology of super-tough   PLA/PBAT/EMA-GMA multicomponent blends 吴宁晶 MATERIALS   LETTERS 2.572
The reinforcing mechanism study of carbon nanotube in the NR   matrix 杨琨 POLYMER   BULLETIN 1.43
A high-performance supercapacitor based on fullerene C-60   whisker and polyaniline emeraldine base composite 朴光哲 ELECTROCHIMICA   ACTA 4.798
Co-assembly of donor and acceptor towards organogels tuned by   charge transfer interaction strength 李志波 SOFT   MATTER 3.889
The mechanism of grafting of maleic anhydride onto isotactic   polybutene-1 assisted by comonomers 赵永仙 COLLOID   AND POLYMER SCIENCE 1.723
Tuning light-emitting properties of N-phenylcarbazole-capped   anthrylvinyl derivatives by symmetric and isomeric effects 薛善锋 JOURNAL   OF LUMINESCENCE 2.686
Nano-mechanical characterization of disassembling amyloid   fibrils using the Peak Force QNM method 李志波 BIOPOLYMERS 1.908
Synergistic effects of kaolin and talc in a bromobutyl rubber   compound for syringe plunger application 张振秀 JOURNAL   OF ELASTOMERS AND PLASTICS 0.787
Isothermal crystallization fractionation, andfraction   characterization of trans-1,4-poly(isoprene-co-butadiene) 贺爱华 POLYMER 3.684
Modifying Mechanical, Optical Properties and Thermal   Processability of Iridescent Cellulose Nanocrystal Films Using Ionic Liquid 段咏欣 ACS   APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 7.504
Structure and adhesive properties of the RFL-coated continuous   basalt fiber cord/rubber interface 李卓 JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 1.86
A Flame Retardant Ionic Conductor Additive for Safety-Reinforced   Liquid Electrolyte of Lithium Batteries 王庆富 JOURNAL   OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 3.259
A strategy to improve the thermoelectric performance of   conducting polymer nanostructures 赵健 JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 5.256
Biocompatibility of filomicelles prepared from poly(ethylene   glycol)-polylactide diblock copolymers as potential drug carrier 李速明 JOURNAL   OF BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE-POLYMER EDITION 1.9
Graphene/cellulose nanocrystals hybrid aerogel with tunable   mechanical strength and hydrophilicity fabricated by ambient pressure drying   technique 段咏欣 RSC   ADVANCES 3.108
Investigation of Network Structure and Dynamic Mechanical   Properties of Peroxide-Cured Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber 王鹤 JOURNAL   OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART B-PHYSICS 0.828
Phenothiazin-N-yl-capped   1,4-diketo-3,6-diphenylpyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole exhibiting strong two-photon   absorption and aggregation-enhanced one- and two-photon excitation red   fluorescence 薛善锋 RSC   ADVANCES 3.108
Preparation of epoxidized Eucommia ulmoides gum and its   application in styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)/silica composites 夏琳 POLYMERS   FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES 1.907
Structure and Properties of a cis-1,4-Polybutadiene/Organic   Montmorillonite Nanocomposite Prepared via In Situ Polymerization 华静 JOURNAL   OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART B-PHYSICS 0.828
Study on the structure of epoxidized trans-1,4-polyisoprene   synthesized by heterogeneous and homogeneous method using C-13 NMR1 邵华锋 POLYMER   SCIENCE SERIES A 0.822
Super-tough Poly(lactide) Thermoplastic Vulcanizates Based on   Modified Natural Rubber 吴宁晶 ACS   SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING 5.951
Synthesis and properties of room-temperature self-healing   polyurethane elastomers 魏燕彦 JOURNAL   OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART A-PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY 0.963
The Organic-Aqueous Extraction of Natural Eucommia ulmoides   Rubber and Its Properties and Application in Car Radial Tires 夏琳 ADVANCES   IN POLYMER TECHNOLOGY 1.291
Vesicle-templating poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) hollow   microspheres with enhanced electrocatalytic activity toward ascorbic acid   oxidation 隋晶 INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF POLYMERIC MATERIALS AND POLYMERIC BIOMATERIALS 1.515
Photo-controlled aptamers delivery by dual surface gold-magnetic   nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapy 赵健  Materials Science and Engineering C 4.164
Role of halogen···halogen interactions in the 2D crystallization   of n-semiconductors at the liquid–solid interface 郭宗侠 PHYSICAL   CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 4.123
Role of intrinsic hydrogen bonds in the assembly of perylene   imide derivatives in solution and at the liquid–solid interface 郭宗侠 PHYSICAL   CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 4.123
Study on Crystal Form Transition and Non-Isothermal   Crystallization of Glycidyl Methacrylate Grafted Isotactic Polybutene-1 赵永仙 INTERNATIONAL   POLYMER PROCESSING 0.634
The Self-Healing Cross-linked Polyurethane by Diels-Alder   polymerization 魏燕彦 Advances   in Polymer Technology 1.291
环三磷腈碱催化开环聚合制备可控高分子量线型和星型聚己内酯 李志波 POLYMER   CHEMISTRY  5.375
酰腙键聚氨酯凝胶的合成及其自修复性能 魏燕彦 高分子材料科学与工程 0.921
一种基于Diels-Alder可逆共价键自修复聚合物的合成及性能 魏燕彦 高分子材料科学与工程 0.921
Self-Assembled Substituted Polyanilines Hollow Nanospheres And Their Electro-Catalytic Activities Towards The Oxidation Of Ascorbic Acid 隋晶 JOURNAL   OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART B-PHYSICS 0.828

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