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Interfacial Synthesis of Conjugated Two-Dimensional N-Graphdiyne ACS   APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 赵英杰
Highly Conjugated Three-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks   Based on Spirobifluorene for Perovskite Solar Cell Enhancement JOURNAL   OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 赵英杰
A simple D-pi-A hybrid mode for highly efficient non-doped true   blue OLEDs with CIEy < 0.05 and EQE up to 6% JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 薛善锋
Touch-sensitive mechanoluminescence crystals comprising a simple   purely organic molecule emit bright blue fluorescence regardless of   crystallization methods CHEMICAL   COMMUNICATIONS 杨文君
Synthesis and remarkable mechano- and thermo-hypsochromic   luminescence of a new type of DPP-based derivative JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 杨文君
Bright NUV mechanofluorescence from a terpyridine-based pure   organic crystal CHEMICAL   COMMUNICATIONS 张海昌
N-Alkylcarbazoles: homolog manipulating long-lived   room-temperature phosphorescence JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 杨文君
Cyclic boron esterification: screening organic room temperature   phosphorescent and mechanoluminescent materials JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 薛善锋
A simple and versatile strategy for realizing bright multicolor   mechanoluminescence CHEMICAL   COMMUNICATIONS 张海昌
Facile scalable fabrication of ultra-thin freestanding   SiO2-based hybrid nanosheets with multifunctional properties NANOSCALE 张新萍
Advances and Biomedical Applications of Polypeptide Hydrogels   Derived from alpha-Amino Acid N-Carboxyanhydride (NCA) Polymerizations ADVANCED   HEALTHCARE MATERIALS 周现锋
Flexible Polydimethylsilane Nanocomposites Enhanced with a   Three-Dimensional Graphene/Carbon Nanotube Bicontinuous Framework for   High-Performance Electromagnetic Interference Shielding ACS   APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 张广法
Hierarchically Porous Graphene/ZIF-8 Hybrid Aerogel:   Preparation, CO2 Uptake Capacity, and Mechanical Property ACS   APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 蒋敏
Stereoselective Ring-Opening Polymerization of rac-Lactide Using   Organocatalytic Cyclic Trimeric Phosphazene Base ACS   MACRO LETTERS 李志波
Functional nanoscale metal-organic particles synthesized from a   new vinylimidazole-based polymeric ligand and dysprosium ions JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 闫业海
Green Fabrication of Regenerated Cellulose/Graphene Films with   Simultaneous Improvement of Strength and Toughness by Tailoring the Nanofiber   Diameter ACS   SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING 张建明
Flexible films of   poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):Poly(styrenesulfonate)/SnS nanobelt   thermoelectric composites COMPOSITES   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Drug loaded nanoparticle coating on totally bioresorbable PLLA   stents to prevent in-stent restenosis JOURNAL   OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART B-APPLIED BIOMATERIALS 赵健
Enabling DPP derivatives to show multistate emission and   developing the multifunctional materials by rational branching effect DYES   AND PIGMENTS 杨文君
Thionating iso-diketopyrrolopyrrole-based polymers: from p-type   to ambipolar field effect transistors with enhanced charge mobility POLYMER   CHEMISTRY 张海昌
Novel three-component nanocomposites with high dielectric   permittivity and low dielectric loss co-filled by carboxyl-functionalized   multi-walled nanotube and BaTiO3 COMPOSITES   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 观姗姗
Phosphazene Bases as Organocatalysts for Ring-Opening   Polymerization of Cyclic Esters MACROMOLECULAR   RAPID COMMUNICATIONS 李志波
Facile Preparation of Stereoblock PLA From Ring-Opening   Polymerization of rac-Lactide by a Synergetic Binary Catalytic System   Containing Ureas and Alkoxides FRONTIERS   IN CHEMISTRY 刘绍峰
Chromium complexes supported by the bidentate PN ligands:   synthesis, characterization and application for ethylene polymerization DALTON   TRANSACTIONS 刘绍峰
Crystallization-Driven Two-Dimensional Nanosheet from   Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Polypeptoid-Based Diblock Copolymers MACROMOLECULES 孙静
New frog-type Dibenzo[a,c] [1,2,5]thiadiazolo[3,4-i]phenazine   heterocyclic derivatives with aggregation-enhanced one- and two-photon   excitation NIR fluorescence DYES   AND PIGMENTS 薛善锋
Green and facile surface modification of cellulose nanocrystal   as the route to produce poly(lactic acid) nanocomposites with improved   properties CARBOHYDRATE   POLYMERS 张建明
One-Pot Preparation of Carboxylated Cellulose Nanocrystals and   Their Liquid Crystalline Behaviors ACS   SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING 周立娟
Rotation-assisted formation of poly(3-butylthiophene) nanowires:   Morphology, microstructure, and electrical property JOURNAL   OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART B-POLYMER PHYSICS 袁媛
Flexible and Tailorable Alkylviologen/Cellulose Nanocrystals   Composite Films for Sustainable Applications in Electrochromic Devices CHEMELECTROCHEM 蒋敏
Two-photon absorption and mechanofluorochromic properties of   1,4-diketo-2,5-dibutyl-3,6-bis(4-(carbazol-N-yl)phenyl)pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole JOURNAL   OF LUMINESCENCE 杨文君
9,10-Bis((Z)-2-phenyl-2-(pyridin-2-yl)vinyl)anthracene:   Aggregation-induced emission, mechanochromic luminescence, and reversible   volatile acids-amines switching DYES   AND PIGMENTS 张海昌
Fabrication of pristine graphene-based conductive polystyrene   composites towards high performance and light-weight COMPOSITES   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 高爱林
A facile approach to preparation of silica double-shell hollow   particles, and their application in gel composite electrolytes JOURNAL   OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 孙洪广
Amorphous Porous Organic Polymers Based on Schiff-Base Chemistry   for Highly Efficient Iodine Capture CHEMISTRY-AN   ASIAN JOURNAL 郭宗侠
Elastomer nanocomposites with superior dynamic mechanical   properties via trans-1, 4-poly(butadiene-co-isoprene) incorporation COMPOSITES   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 张新萍
Investigation of dynamic heat generation and transfer behavior   and energy dissipation for nonlinear synchronous belt transmission APPLIED   THERMAL ENGINEERING 辛振祥
Green and High-Efficiency Production of Graphene by Tannic Acid   Assisted Exfoliation of Graphite in Water ACS   SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING 赵帅
Flexural fatigue life prediction of a tooth V-belt made of fiber   reinforced rubber INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF FATIGUE 辛振祥
Schiff base and reductive amination reactions of -amino acids: a   facile route toward N-alkylated amino acids and peptoid synthesis POLYMER   CHEMISTRY 李志波
Enzyme responsive supramolecular hydrogels assembled from   nonionic peptide amphiphiles SCIENCE   CHINA-CHEMISTRY 李志波
Charge-Determined LCST/UCST Behavior in Ionic Polypeptoids BIOMACROMOLECULES 孙静
Enthalpy-Enhanced Janus Nanosheets for Trapping Nonequilibrium   Morphology of Immiscible Polymer Blends MACROMOLECULES 聂华荣
One-pot synthesis of graphene/chitin nanofibers hybrids and   their remarkable reinforcement on Poly(vinyl alcohol) CARBOHYDRATE   POLYMERS 段咏欣
Maleic Anhydride-Grafted Isotactic Polybutene-1 and Modified   Polyamide 6 POLYMERS 赵永仙
Simultaneous improvement of thermal stability and   redispersibility of cellulose nanocrystals by using ionic liquids CARBOHYDRATE   POLYMERS 张建明
Surfactant-free hybrid latexes from enzymatically hydrolyzed   starch and poly(butyl acrylate-methyl methacrylate) for paper coating PROGRESS   IN ORGANIC COATINGS 成世杰
Mechanical properties of aramid fiber and carbon black filled   hydrogenated nitrile rubber for packer compounds POLYMER   COMPOSITES 史新妍
The effects of carbon materials with different dimensionalities   on the flow instabilities of LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) POLYMER 胡海青
1,4-Diketo-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrroles (DPPs) based insoluble polymer   films with lactam hydrogens as renewable fluoride anion chemosensor POLYMER 张海昌
Solid-State Photodimerization of Azaanthracene Derivative Based   on a [4+4] Cycloaddition ASIAN   JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 赵英杰
Enhanced reinforcement efficiency in a hybrid microcrystalline   cellulose-SiO2 filler for the tire tread composites JOURNAL   OF SOL-GEL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 孙举涛
Study on phase transition behavior and lamellar orientation of   uniaxially stretched poly(L-lactide) / cellulose   nanocrystal-graft-poly(D-lactide) blend POLYMER 张建明
Low-crosslinking multi-functionalization HVBR prepared in   solvent free process by anionic grafted reaction POLYMER   TESTING 华静
Lubrication and plasticization behavior of large-size   micro-spherical structured SiO2 for natural rubber RSC   ADVANCES 李琳
Development of carboxyl-functionalized multi-walled   nanotube/polydimethylsiloxane novel polymeric nanodielectric material MATERIALS   LETTERS 观姗姗
Foaming of trans-polyisoprene using N-2 as the blowing agent POLYMERS   FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES 张振秀
Static and dynamic adhesive properties between continuous basalt   fibre cords and NR/SBR matrix tackified by p-octylphenolic resins INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF ADHESION AND ADHESIVES 李卓
Triple shape memory effect of foamed natural Eucommia ulmoides   gum/high-density polyethylene composites POLYMERS   FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES 辛振祥
Endurable conductivity of nylon fibers by interfacial grafting   and aniline polymerization MATERIALS   LETTERS 胡海青
Trans-1,4-stereospecific polymerization of isoprene with   MgCl2-supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst I. Initial polymerization kinetic and   polymerization mechanism POLYMER 贺爱华
Multiple shape memory behaviors of natural Eucommia ulmoides   rubber and polybutene-1 composites POLYMER   INTERNATIONAL 辛振祥
Anion-pi interactions: From concept to application CHINESE   CHEMICAL LETTERS 赵英杰
Synthesis, chain structures and phase morphologies of   trans-1,4-poly (butadiene-co-isoprene) copolymers POLYMER 贺爱华
Confirmation on the compatibility between cis-1,4-polyisoprene   and trans-1,4-polyisoprene POLYMER 聂华荣
Trans-1,4-stereospecific copolymerization of isoprene and   butadiene catalyzed by TiCl4/MgCl2 type Ziegler-Natta catalyst II.   Copolymerization Kinetics and Mechanism POLYMER 贺爱华
Synergistic effect of graphene and silicon dioxide hybrids   through hydrogen bonding self-assembly in elastomer composites RSC   ADVANCES 李琳
Tannic acid-assisted green fabrication of functionalized   graphene towards its enhanced compatibility in NR nanocomposite POLYMER   TESTING 赵帅
Controlled random copolymerization of rac-lactide and   -caprolactone by well-designed phenoxyimine Al complexes JOURNAL   OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY 刘绍峰
Biomimetic pegylated polypeptoids with thermoresponsive   properties POLYMER 孙静
Synthesis of spherical polyethylene/poly(1-butene) reactor   blends with two-stage sequence polymerization technology POLYMER 邵华锋
Isothermal crystallization of Trans-1, 4-polyisoprene from   solutions: Kinetic parameters and crystal modification POLYMER 聂华荣
PVDF modified Pd-SnO2 hydrogen sensor with stable response under   high humidity MATERIALS   LETTERS 马凤国
Quadruple-shape-memory effect of TPI/LDPE/HDPE composites POLYMERS   FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES 夏琳
Studies on Shape Memory Effect of Polynorbornene/Poly(lactic   acid) Blends ACTA   POLYMERICA SINICA 史新妍
Structure and Properties of Brominated Butyl Rubber/Nature   Rubber (BIIR/NR) Blends Modified with TBIR CHEMICAL   JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE 贺爱华
Rheological Behaviors of Polypropylene/Poly(1-butene) Blends JOURNAL   OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART B-PHYSICS 邵华锋
The synthesis of a new ionic liquid and its use as a   multifunctional additive in different rubber composites MATERIALS   RESEARCH EXPRESS 孙举涛
Structures and Properties of High Performance Passenger Car   Radical Tire Tread Stock Modified with Trans-1,4-poly(butadiene-co-isoprene)   Copolymer ACTA   POLYMERICA SINICA 贺爱华
The surface modification of BaTiO3 and its effects on the   microstructure and electrical properties of BaTiO3/silicone rubber composites JOURNAL   OF VINYL & ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY 观姗姗
Studies on Polypeptoid and Its Structure-Property Relationship ACTA   POLYMERICA SINICA 孙静
Effect of vinyl and phenyl group content on the physical and   dynamic mechanical properties of HVBR and SSBR JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 华静
Factors influencing resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex-coated   continuous basalt fiber cord/rubber interfacial fatigue behavior: Loading   direction and RFL formula JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 李卓
Chemical modification of alkyd resin by a DOPO derivative and   its flame retardancy JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE
Effectiveness of different kinds of antioxidants in resin-cured   bromobutyl rubber vulcanizates ADVANCES   IN POLYMER TECHNOLOGY 沈梅
Synthetic Two-dimensional Organic Structures CHINESE   JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE 赵英杰
The influence of topology and morphology of fillers on the   conductivity and mechanical properties of rubber composites JOURNAL   OF POLYMER RESEARCH 胡海青
Fractionation and Fraction Characterization of   trans-Polyisoprene Rubber Alloys within Reactor CHEMICAL   JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE 贺爱华
A phase inversion based sponge-like polysulfonamide/SiO2   composite separator for high performance lithium-ion batteries CHINESE   JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 宗成中
Fractionated and Confined Crystallization of Polybutene-1 in   Immiscible Polypropylene/Polybutene-1 Blends CHINESE   JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE 刘晨光
The preparation of multifunctional accelerators derived from tea   phenols and their use in rubber compounds JOURNAL   OF ELASTOMERS AND PLASTICS 孙举涛
Covalent hybrid of graphene and silicon dioxide and reinforcing   effect in rubber composites JOURNAL   OF POLYMER RESEARCH 李琳
Hollow glass microsphere as a light-weight composites with good   gas barrier property JOURNAL   OF VINYL & ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY 赵帅
Structure and solubility of chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride)   prepared by a gas-solid phase method JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 赵季若
Isothermal Crystallizations of Polybutene-1 and Polybutene-1   Alloy from Their Solutions ACTA   POLYMERICA SINICA 刘晨光
Crystallization, Nucleation and Kinetics of TPI in SSBR/TPI   Blends CHEMICAL   JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE 聂华荣
Preparation of chlorosulfonated polyethylene by liquid-solid   method and comparison with industrial products JOURNAL   OF POLYMER RESEARCH 赵季若
Microcellular foaming of chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber   and its kaolin-filled compounds with supercritical nitrogen JOURNAL   OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 张振秀
Effects of Replacement of Part of the Silica Reinforcement with   Hybrid Modified Microcrystalline Cellulose on the Properties of their Rubber   Composites JOURNAL   OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART B-PHYSICS 孙举涛
Physicomechanical, friction, and abrasion properties of EVA/PU   blend foams foamed by supercritical nitrogen POLYMER   ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE 张振秀
m-Cresol-substituted triethyl aluminum/MoCl5/TBP catalytic   system for coordination polymerization of butadiene IRANIAN   POLYMER JOURNAL 华静
A facile one-pot interfacial synthesis of Pt   nanoparticles/polypyrrole composites and their application for non-enzymatic   sensing hydrogen peroxide SOFT   MATERIALS 隋晶
Study on Preparation and Properties of HVBR Reinforced with   Si69-modified Carbon Nanotubes POLYMER-PLASTICS   TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING 华静
Ring-opening polymerization of L-lactide catalyzed by a novel   molybdenum-based catalytic system IRANIAN   POLYMER JOURNAL 华静
Grafting of Butadiene-Acrylonitrile Copolymer onto High Vinyl   Polybutadiene by Copolymerization ADVANCES   IN POLYMER TECHNOLOGY 华静
The self-healing cross-linked polyurethane by Diels-Alder   polymerization ADVANCES   IN POLYMER TECHNOLOGY 魏燕彦
Influence of Branched Polyester Chains on the Emission Behavior   of Dipyridamole Molecule and Its Biosensing Ability ACS   OMEGA 张建明
Fire safety enhancement of a highly efficient flame retardant   poly(phenylphosphoryl phenylenediamine) in biodegradable poly(lactic acid) Journal   of Hazardous 吴宁晶
Electrical-charge mediated cancer cell targeting via protein   corona decorated superparamagnetic nanoparticles in simulated physiological   environmen ACS   APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 赵健
Nitrogen-Enriched Carbon Nanofiber Aerogels Derived from Marine   Chitin for Energy Storage and Environmental Remediation ACS   Sustainable Chem. Eng. 张建明
ZrO2 Functionalized Graphene Oxide/SEBS Based Nanocomposites for   Efficient Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Applications JOURNAL   OF VINYL & ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY 李琳
Study on the synthesis and thermal degradation of   vinylphenylpolysilsesquioxane Journal   of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 马凤国
Heparin free coating on PLA membranes for enhanced   hemocompatibility via iCVD Applied   Surface Science 贺继东
Enhanced hemocompatibility of flat and hollow fiber membranes   via a heparin free surface crosslinking strategy Reactive and Functional Polymers 贺继东
Interfacial Synthesis of Conjugated Two-Dimensional N-Graphdiyne ACS   APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 赵英杰
Interfacial Synthesis of Conjugated Two-Dimensional N-Graphdiyne ACS   APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 赵英杰
The Effects of Natural Astaxanthin Modified Silica on Properties   of Natural Rubber. Journal   of Applied Polymer Science 阚泽
Dual-responsive Pegylated Polypeptoids with Tunable   Cloud Point Temperatures Biopolymers 孙静
Peptoid applications in biomedicine and nanotechnology, Peptide   applications in biomedicine, biotechnology and bioengineering, Elsevier. 孙静
Bimetallic aluminum complexes supported by bis(salicylaldimine)   ligand: Synthesis, characterization and ring-opening polymerization of   lactide. Chinese   J. Polym. Sci.  刘绍峰

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